A young girl decided to sing one of the most powerful songs in the world, after a couple of notes, all the judges got up from their seats …
This talented girl is only 11 years old, her name is Serena. She participated in the Next Star talent competition. At the beginning of her singing, just
The judges laughed at the choice of the girl’s song, but her performance made everyone stand up and give her a standing ovation
Agree, this is something incredible and beautiful, when the most gifted voices in the world can sometimes appear from the smallest bodies?
”The girl who lived” had an awesome meeting with the famous star from ”Harry potter”, Draco Malfoy
Juniper was born at 23weeks and weighed just one pound. Her parents were very worried about their daughter’s life and prayed day and night, hoping for good news.
The little girl didn’t realized that their best friend joined them too and they spent an unforgettable time together
Anyone who now owns or has had horses and cats will definitely agree that cats and horses often become best friends. It often seems strange to many people