”The girl who lived” had an awesome meeting with the famous star from ”Harry potter”, Draco Malfoy


Juniper was born at 23weeks and weighed just one pound.

Her parents were very worried about their daughter’s life and prayed day and night, hoping for good news.

The doctors did everything to save the child’s life. During the operation, the child even stopped breathing several times and required resuscitation. It was the “worst night” for the parents…

At that time, the father took the first part of Harry Potter and began to read aloud to the baby.

The fans certainly know that this boy faced death many times but always won with his courage.

Juniper seemed to sense everything and even respond to her father’s reading.

The parents said that when he was reading, the baby began to breathe better.

She generally seemed more ”satisfied” than she had been before the reading.

When Tom stopped, the baby’s oxygen level began to drop sharply. At that moment, the nurses started shouting to continue reading.

After 197 days, Juniper finally overcame everything and went home with her family.

But one thing that will never change is the little fan’s love for Harry Potter.

Even the author of the book J.K. Rowling decided to reach out to this family when she learned that her books had helped little Juniper, so when the “Holiday of Harry Potter” event began, the 5-year-old girl received special entry to be there.

On that unforgettable day, one of Juniper’s dreams came true and she met one of Harry Potter’s greatest villains, Draco.

Although he has played a villain, he is a wonderful person in real life.

He likes to cuddle with dogs, warmly greet fans and post photos with them on his Instagram.

However, none of those pictures compare to the one where Tom did a post with Juniper.

It went viral instantly. Tom warmly hugged the sweet girl and then they started talking.

Rowling’s books undoubtedly helped many people and gave them hope to live.

Juniper’s story is one of those wonderful ones and this sweet and resilient girl is an example of real hope for everyone.

We are also extremely grateful to Tom for fulfilling the girl’s dream and making her day the most unforgettable.

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