A young girl decided to sing one of the most powerful songs in the world, after a couple of notes, all the judges got up from their seats …


This talented girl is only 11 years old, her name is Serena. She participated in the Next Star talent competition. At the beginning of her singing, just a few notes and everyone stood up from their seats to applaud!

During her performance, lights shone in the background, giving the appearance of falling rain. The audience froze from the emotions that they received during her singing.

The authorities recognized the gold coin in front of them by the main sounds of her speech. They all stood up from their seats, shouting and applauding her as she sang.

The audience enthusiastically supported Serena and their cries of “bravo” were heard throughout the hall. With the help of such shows, people learn a lot about our little talented people of the world. Also, it’s a way to have fun or just enjoy their beautiful angelic voices.

People who really have the ability in a particular area of ​​art, with the help of the show, can gain fame and recognition around the world.

Sometimes such projects are joined by such people who, with their abilities, surprise not only the audience, but also the jury members themselves.

Among them were people who had never seen or heard anything like it in their entire career. Surprisingly, the world first heard about this talented girl when she was 11 years old. She performed on one of the broadcasts of a program popular at that time called “Next Star”.

This is what determined her fate. Serena was unusually confident and silent in front of the people in the audience until they began to give her a standing ovation, and the audience could not hold back the tears.

Just a few notes in the hit song, and the young lady’s first impression on the judges and audience was positive.

Everyone in the room was stunned, but that was only the beginning. When she began to sing the verses, everyone in the hall jumped to their feet, and the audience exclaimed “bravo” to the young but amazingly talented Serena.

The Next Star team captured the combination of raw craftsmanship and a gifted understanding and drive to capture all the emotion of the song.

Even before Houston’s hugely complex key change, “I will Always Love You,” audiences were beginning to rise to their feet.

The flawless execution of the key change was further proof of her skill with her composure and restraint, which was praised by both the judges and the audience, some of them with tears in their eyes.

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