The little girl didn’t realized that their best friend joined them too and they spent an unforgettable time together


Anyone who now owns or has had horses and cats will definitely agree that cats and horses often become best friends. It often seems strange to many people how 2 very different creatures become so close to each other.

The friendship between them is so wonderful, and their loyalty and dependence on each other can often be so overwhelming. Abigail recently learned that her old pony, who was 28 years old,Galant, had formed a strong friendship with her cat named Dood.

The three of them were photographed together at their family ranch. The little horse and the cat get along very well with each other.

This 6-year-old girl can be seen together with her favorite animals in the video posted below. You can watch the little girl ride her little pony on a wonderful, snow-covered background and have a good time. Then the child and her mother also suggests to the cat that he join them and sit on the horse. Of course, there is no need to persuade or force him to that.

Just in a second, the cat jumped up and settled in for the expected bumpy walk. Look at these trio, they are so happy and it seems that they do not need anything else to feel perfect happiness. The cat and the horse have built a wonderful company. They trust each other a lot and spend a wonderful time with their beloved little girl.

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