If you find the error in less than 15 seconds, discover if you have a really quick mind.


The test in this article challenges your powers of observation.

It’s about finding the error within the image, but not only that.

The time you take will be crucial to winning this challenge for the keenest eye.

You can get comfortable and try it alone or in company, attempting to beat the other.

Of course, don’t scroll down to the bottom of this page if you haven’t started playing yet!

Are you irresistibly drawn to solving puzzles like this online when you scroll through pages on your phone?

Have you solved many, from puzzle magazines to the various “find the hidden object” games on the web?

This new challenge is right up your alley!

In the game in this article, you only have 15 seconds to win because only an attentive observer wins the challenge.

Put on your glasses, don’t strain your eyes too much – it’s bad in the long run! – in short, stop for a few seconds and find the error in the image below.

We assure you that there is an error and that it is blatantly visible.

It’s not a visual trick but a clear error that is somehow hidden.

It’s important to say: it’s not a “conceptual” error, nor is it about looking at an image with optical illusions that would confuse the observer in vain.

Don’t go too far down the web page.

The solution will be found at the bottom, protected from the first scroll down the page, hoping you’re not too hasty.

Now that you have all the elements to start the challenge, 15 seconds and good luck!

Here is a girl with her four-legged friend in her room.

Everything is really in its place, the image is very simple and seemingly free of inaccuracies.

Sharpen your eyes and try to spot the error in less than fifteen seconds.

Did you look at the image but couldn’t find the inaccuracy in 15 seconds?

No worries, below we will show what was hidden in the illustration of the girl with the four-legged friend.

The error will be circled and zoomed in the image below.

It’s a cat with two tails, an unnatural condition, don’t you think?

Putting yourself to the test, however, is not just a way to play and have a few laughs.

It is primarily healthy for the mind.

Continuously testing your powers of observation, your perspicacity, keeps you trained, alert, and quick in the long run. Try it to believe it!

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