If you can find the error in the image within just 4 seconds, you are a genius.


For this challenge, nothing but a test of your ability to observe every detail, you must identify the glaring error hidden in the image.

Only a few seconds will be available to judge the challenge successfully completed.

It is not easy because logic combines with observation, a aspect much deeper than the mere ability to “see something.”

In this image where a boy is making a jump towards the basketball hoop, there is a detail that doesn’t add up and is not right (definitely not!).

The man is practicing a very popular sport, especially in the United States, basketball.

The error, after a bit of observation, may seem nonexistent and could lead to giving up prematurely.

You have to be very skillful to find the error in the illustration.

And for all this, you have only 4 seconds to find it!

We all perceive images very differently. We continuously focus on different elements, driven by our own attitudes or the familiarity of the subjects we are “analyzing.”

Some even focus on a specific side of an image and start observing one side rather than another.

A fact that can significantly change both the timing and the result of the challenge itself.

In any case, in the image containing the solution, inserted below on this page, you can confirm or discover the error hidden in the image.

Did you manage to do it? And above all, did the solution emerge within the 4 fateful seconds?

The solution must be confirmable given the high number of people who had doubts and discussed it in various places on social media and the web.

The basketball hoop net is closed. In other words, it’s more of a “basket” than a real basketball hoop!

If this test wasn’t to your liking, you can always train your mind with different tests, logical ones, observation tests, as well as optical illusions and the classic “search and find.”

A challenge, a test of this kind (like many others you will find on this site) becomes “viral” because it becomes the center of competition for many people.

The test is shared, crosses different platforms, and becomes the object of challenge among individuals, even and especially in person.

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