Find the hidden phone! Give it a try now!


The image, created by the UK-owned furniture company ScS, features a telephone with a variety of colors positioned near the sofa.

This curated image depicts two adults casually seated on the floor while three children play in their living room.

During leisure time, individuals often engage in internet activities, such as watching videos or reading interesting facts.

Despite the potential for studious online pursuits, many users are drawn to optical illusions as a source of entertainment.

A popular image-based puzzle circulating on the internet challenges users to spot a phone in a cluttered room within a 5-second time limit.

In the image provided by ScS, the challenge is made more complex by strategically placing random toys on the ground, all sharing similar red, orange, and green colors.

To further complicate matters, the curator incorporates these colors into the family’s outfits, creating a visually busy scene.

Amidst the chaos, the optical illusion prompts viewers to locate the hidden phone.

For those who successfully identified the phone within the time limit, it reflects high intelligence and exceptional observation skills.

However, if the challenge proved difficult, improvement can be achieved through practice to enhance accuracy and speed in solving optical illusions.

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