Find the worm in the picture! Give it a shot now!


If you’re up for a fun and educational challenge, try your hand at this tricky brainteaser.

Brits are being put to the test to locate the worm hidden among the birds, but only those with sharp eyes will succeed!

In this image, each British bird has been transformed into a vibrant and bold character, simplifying their markings for easy identification by both children and adults.

However, cleverly concealed among these colorful birds is a small worm waiting to be found.

Take a moment to examine the image and see how quickly you can spot it.

Can you accomplish this task in less than 30 seconds?

This illustration serves to celebrate the launch of a new website, Nest Friends, designed to help parents educate their children about the diverse bird species found across the UK in a fun and engaging way.

Illustrations, which are visual explanations or decorations, play a crucial role in conveying information across various media, including print and digital platforms.

They are crafted by skilled illustrators to enhance understanding and captivate audiences in posters, flyers, magazines, books, teaching materials, animations, video games, and films.

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