A woman opens the shelter’s Facebook page and sees her cat, who went missing 2 years ago


A woman recently opened the shelter’s Facebook page and immediately saw her cat, who had been missing for the past 2 years.

The bond between owners and pets is often deep and unique. The loss of a pet due to death or another can be very sad.

Susie Zelicki knows this all too well. Sue adored her cat named Jimmy, an energetic outdoor cat who really enjoyed being outdoors before returning home.

Until the day the cat did not return. One day in the fall of 2015, Susie’s husband let 13-year-old Jimmy play, they expected him to come home later, as usual.

Jimmy was very experienced in this business, he liked to visit the neighbors and walk with the Zelitskys and their dog. The family was never afraid for him, everyone knew that he was smart and would always find his way back.

But it was still dark, and Jimmy wasn’t home yet. They went out and called him, but it was all to no avail – he seemed to just disappear.

He always came and went every day, but he still came home, except for that night. The family soon began searching for Jimmy, putting up cat posters looking for their beloved pet.

Days and weeks passed, but there were no signs. The family sadly began to think that they would never see him again.

2 years later, something amazing happened. Susie was browsing social media when she suddenly came across a post from an animal shelter about a cat.

When she looked closer, she recognized Jimmy. Sue quickly responded to the announcement by asking about the cat’s situation. She contacted the shelter and got information about him, she was sure that it was Jimmy.

He was found about 10 miles from their home after a massive March blizzard and taken to a shelter. After exchanging images and other physical attributes, Susie went to him.

Shortly thereafter, Susie was on her way to Jimmy’s orphanage. As soon as they opened the cage, the cat came up to her and touched her with his head, and she began to cry.

Susie’s husband also arrived at the shelter, the two of them never forgot their cat, and Jimmy never forgot them! If it was interesting, please share it with your friends and family !

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