Find the hidden cat in just 10 seconds! Take up the challenge from Harsh Goenka and put your visual skills to the test with this tricky picture puzzle!
In his tweet, Mr. Goenka published an optical illusion with multiple residences in it and challenged his followers to spot the cat that was hidden.
This little furry animal has been waiting non-stop on the highway for owners who have abandoned it
This small and fluffy animal waited ugly on the highway. This little furry creature was left all alone and no one was there to help him.
There was a bag on the street, from which a creak was heard, people just passed by and did not look
There was a bag on the street, from which a quiet creaking was heard. People just walked by and didn’t look inside. 3 years ago, on one of the streets
Animal moms that show the other side of motherhood
Moms will tell you for sure that small children are not just sores. The joys of motherhood are diluted with a fly in the ointment: constant bottles and
A woman sold her car and diamond engagement ring to give shelter to 1,000 cats
Homeless animals are a global problem in our lives. Few countries have managed to keep homeless animals off their streets. In most countries, the number
This husky chose her own kitten to take home from a shelter
Little Ravon, a Tamaskan Husky puppy, needed a friend so he could grow up with her. But her owner, Kristin, knew it was impossible for him to simply choose a best friend.
Tiny dog crawled to the bottom of a deep hole to feed a small kitten
Do you still think that cats and dogs are enemies? This is not so, they are not only often friends, but also lend a helping hand in the most difficult
These animals are really gorgeous : their original look will make you smile
Looking at pictures of cats and dogs is such a calming experience. This is a pretty good therapy for stress and problems. We care about your moral health
A stray cat in desperation wanders to the firemen on a cold snowy day and asks to be let in because it is freezing
One day, a cute stray cat went under the window of the fire station. It was very cold and he hoped that there would be kind people who would help her.
The meerkat was rescued and now he is friends with the cat and considers him the leader, despite different temperaments
Animals can be friends just like people, even if they belong to completely different species. A cat and a meerkat live in St. Petersburg, who, despite