One guy who was on his way to the bank did not even expect that he was going to save life
Dan was on his way to the bank when he suddenly heard a voice․ That day he managed to save a life by appearing in the right place and at t he right time.
This cat’s fur used to be completely black, but during the years it started to get white spots
This cat is the one of five kittens, who was born completely black and looked like her siblings. His name is Scrappy, which turned out to have a condition
A story about a man and his cat who quit his job to travel with his beloved pet through Australia
Here’s a wonderful story by Richard and Willo. Can you imagine, that Richard lefr his job, even sold everything he could to go to Australia with his cat?
The two newborn kittens were found in the box and rescued by kind volunteer who helped them to fully recover
A box containing a pair of kittens was found near the store. A man found them and tried to find someone who would agree to take care of the litle ones.
Volunteers saved the mother cat with her four kittens, but one of the kittens was very shy and avoided people
The rescue team received a call about a cat mother living with her four kittens behind a shop. The team immediately came to their aid, taking them for
The cat who was diagnosed with microphthalmia now enjoys his life with the mosyt caring owners
When he arrived at the Los Angeles Best Friends Animal Adoption Center, Melvin was diagnosed with microphthalmia. It is an eye disease that can also affect people.
The girl dreamed of having a cat all her life and one day she met the most unique cat ever …
Veronica lives in Russia, who has long wanted to adopt a cat. And then she met the most beautiful and unique cat she could not even dream of.
This wonderful cat with very unusual appearance has become a real super star all over the world
Many of us are familiar with the expression “beauty has no limits”. Our beautiful heroine today is no exception. This charming cat has captured
The 15-year-old stray cat, who went through a lot of hardships, finally got the life he deserved
This cat was thoroughly beaten, which turned out to be 15 years old. He was found on a street in New Jersey. The cat was very weak and malnourished.
This is a story about a sweet baby kitten who is so small that he can even fit in a cupcake box
The cat came to the shelter with a very unusual disease – a small kitten with a white “bow”. At first it may seem like a cat’