A woman sold her car and diamond engagement ring to give shelter to 1,000 cats


Homeless animals are a global problem in our lives. Few countries have managed to keep homeless animals off their streets.

In most countries, the number of animals in need of shelter is very large, and animal protection organizations are not able to help absolutely all of them.

Then kind people step in, and some of them find themselves in a situation where the number of pets goes off scale. This is the case of the American Linea Lattanzio, nicknamed “The Cat Lady”.

The American has never been a pet volunteer, and she got her first cat, Thomas, at 60, after her divorce from her husband. It didn’t take long for her to spot stray cats on the street.

When the number of cats increased to ten, she sold her 1973 Mercedes and her diamond engagement ring.

With this money, she was able to buy a large house in California, where she created the largest cat shelter without any cages. There are also a small number of dogs and cats that are free to roam the grounds.

For the first 7 years she ran the shelter on her own money, and then joined the animal welfare groups and philanthropists who helped her.

Over the past few years, more than a thousand cats have settled in her house at the same time and occupied the entire space.

After that, she had to buy a trailer and live in it in her own garden. But she does not regret it, believing that she has become closer to nature.

She estimates that more than 28,000 cats have passed through the cattery in 24 years. Some of them have already found new owners, while others have remained wild and survived to the end.

Of course, she can no longer take care of so many animals alone. Now she has 45 staff and volunteers at the shelter. Every week the shelter needs 1065 kg of food and 272 kg of cat litter.

She estimates that cat care costs about $1.6 million a year. Of course, she could spend this money on fancy clothes or fancy cruises, but still she decided to help animals and has no regrets about it.

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