Homeless cat brought her kittens to people she trusted


It’s amazing how stray animals sometimes trust people when they feel their kindness towards them.

This homeless ginger cat from North Carolina came to the right place for food: the house of Sarah Kelly, who was happy to help him.

Sarah fed the cat, and she ran away, but the next day she came back to her. This time the cat was not alone, but with a small kitten that seemed to be her exact copy. Of course they were both hungry and both got food.

After eating they disappeared again. The next day they returned, but this time there were three more kittens: they were joined by a tricolor cat. Of course they were all hungry.

After feeding the animals, Sarah decided to help them find a home. She easily grabbed the self-confident kittens, but the frightened mother still hid in the bushes.

It took all evening to catch him, and finally the whole family was reunited at the orphanage.

All the cats were checked by a veterinarian who found only malnutrition, but that was understandable. The cat was named Mildred, and her babies were named Charlotte and Hank.

Despite the fact that they lived on the street, they were very cute and smart kittens, ready to trust people.

The kittens were placed in a pre-trial detention center, and later the kittens and the cat will find their new owners. Volunteers are confident that these charming creatures will not stay long in the shelter!

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