These special bags designed for cats help them adapt to humans and find eternal homes more easily and faster
Ten years ago, the staff of Boston’s Animal Rescue League discussed wild cats needs with a skilled tailor volunteer. 4-month-old little kittens can
When the young boy woke up, he saw a fluffy kittie sleeping in his arms
One day a boy named Ali decided to go out to his garden and enjoy the wonderful weather. Then he decided to sleep there. And when he woke up after a while
In Indiana the prisoners started to take care of cats from shelter, which has a very positive impact on their lives
Animals can help people heal. People have discovered long ago about the healing properties of cats and dogs. Animals can help relieve anxiety as well as
As they were sailing, they heard some cries for help and rescued the little cat
Earlier this month, Natalia Nikitina and her family went sailing and swimming in the Black Sea when this accident happened to them and they gave this little
The little cat comes to the Sherriff’s office and will not leave until it attracts their attention
Sometimes you just have to do more if you want something to happen. He seemed to realize that and attracting the attention of visitors was his greatest
Children came to the cat, who asked for help, and did everything with their parents to save him
The little children immediately came to the aid of the little hero of this story, seeing that he needed to be helped quickly. They were so moved by what they saw.
After being rescued the mother cat became the happiest when she reunited with her 6 lost cubs
One day a street cat was rescued from being devoured by other animals and sent to the shelter, Anne Couոty Animal Care & Coոtrol, Inc.
This brave mother cat risking her life saves her 5 kittens, which were left in the burning house
Motherly love is simply incomparable. They do everything they can to protect their children, even at the cost of their own lives. Even many animals take
This wonderful girl and her super cute dog give all their love and care to this one-eyed cat.
We just dream that no animal in the world to be left out and all the little animals to live with their caring owner, surrounded by love and devotion.
The kind womaո adopted these 3 blind cats, whom all visitors refused to take home because of their special needs
Their heart-touching story begins just before Cհristmas of 2014, when the cubs were found in an abandoոed wareհouse located in Dսbai. By then, they had