After his owner was taken to a hospital, the cat was left all alone without food and water…
Marilyn was a very happy cat, she had a home and a family. And it seems that he does not need anything else for perfect happiness. He had managed to win
The cat who used to be ignored because of his grumpy face has won the heart of this woman and finally got adopted
Francesca Franken saw a cat with a very strange appearance on the shelter’s website. The cat’s sad eyes immediately and unique appearance immediately
The Ukrainian Cat Cafe operates even during the war, taking care of its 20 resident cats
Cat Cafe Lviv is located in Lviv, Ukraine, which has been operating for six years. It has become a very special place and here we will explain why.
The kind man rescued the little baby kitten from terrible conditions immediately taking him to the clinic
One day when one man came to buy food for his cat, his attention was drawn to the shop window. He saw that a little baby was lying. He was in a very deplorable condition.
After wandering the streets for many years the sweet cat has finally found a family
This wonderful cat has spent most of his life wandering the streets, always dreaming of having a family. He went through many hardships, but he never gave up.
During their visit to Mexico the couple rescued the little kitten after which they started travelling together
They were traveling when they came across a beautiful cat that needed help. They rescued the cat while walking along the route. They could no longer imagine
Two best friend moms gave birth to their kittens supporting each other during all the difficulties
Both cats were pregnant when the good volunteers came to their rescue. The kittens were inseparable every minute, giving each other comfort and a sense of comfort.
The group of volunteers rescued the kitten with a very unique appearance giving him the love he deserved
This is Pinocchio, who was only 3 months old when he was rescued. They gave him the love and care he needed to heal. The baby had some health problems
After being rescued the 3-legged sweet kitty has recovered very quickly and now feels very well
This cat was born with 3 legs, which surprised everyone with its willpower. He was found in the yard of a family when he was still a few days old.
After being adopted the sweet cat found the best wat to show his endless gratitude to his mom
Lulu could never have imagined that her life could change like this. He was living in a shelter when they came to take him away. This little one found