His previous owners took him to the shelter cause he liked to be hugged and sit on their lap: meet his new family
Having a cat as a pet is just wonderful. It is so nice to hug and caress them. They give so much positive energy to us. But in reality, not all of us think
To all the cat lovers, look at the super sweet photoshoot of this super cute kittie, with a name “Chimera”
Meet this adorable cat, her name is Cat. The face of this fluffy cat, as you can see, has a very unique look. It has a different color on each side. It’
They categorically reject to euthanize a puppy born without front legs, deciding to take care of him in any way
Nսbby was born without his front legs. Despite her unսsual appearance, her mother immediately accepted her, but could not feed the doggie normally.
Passed away the dog, who sat at the window all the time for almost 11years, waiting for his owner to come home
This story is about a kind and loyal dog named Tobby, who waited by the window every day for his beloved owner Roman, to return home from work.
The faithful dog and its owner who was veteran, passed away a few hours apart
The connection between the two was simply indescribable.A dog’s and his owner’s relationship is something that can not be touched and described in words.
After being abandoned by her first family, the blind cat finally finds hope for a happy future
Despite the worst of his family’s contempt, rejection, and sadness, he decided to survive. He was also blind. Its first owners were not able to understand him.
The cat with 4 sweet kitties gets a loving home where they can live happily
Laura Malonee, the director of the Mini cat town rescue service in California, found a family of cats in urgent need of a home. The cat and its 4 cubs
The man decided to return and adopt the frozen cat whome he rescued from the truck
One morning, a boy was in a tire shop when he heard a cat miaowing. The voices came from a truck parked near the store. The cat seemed to be in a lot of
A pitbull wandering with an injured head found a home and love in the arms of a police officer
It’s a story about a pitbull dog who was luckily saved by kind hearted people who didn’t left her alone and helpless․ One day The Mount Laurel
The most real Friendship starts right after that when cat comes home with a letter
When Zach King was out on the street, he often wondered where his cat Billy had gone. Through the door flap a 1-year-old cat who had been rescued by his