This is the life of triplets: Talented mum shows pictures of her daughters growing up


This wonderful family lives in the Australian city of Adelaide, in which 6 kids are growing up: the eldest son, twins and triplets.

Their mother, Lucia Stykova, is a photographer, with her work she wanted to show the world what it means to give birth and raise triplets.

Her paintings are simply soulful and amazing. And what wonderful memories these girls will have when they grow up! Stykova says that triplets in the family are a gift from God.

But besides this, there is a lot of work and difficulties that periodically arise during her training.

But they still have a very large and strong family. They all love each other very much, no matter what.

The woman recalls and says that when they found out that they would have 3 daughters, they were very happy, because the family already had 3 sons.

From that moment I began to shoot with my first camera. As she relates this, she says she’s so glad she started doing it.

Now she has wonderful memories in the form of pictures of how her babies grew up.

That’s what triplets mean to her. May this big and beautiful family always be happy and healthy!

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