The most faithful friend: the dog swam for 11 hours to save his owner


The German Shepherd was noticed by a fisherman from the bay, he pulled him out of the water and immediately contacted the coast guard.

Everything that happened in our history today is another proof that dogs are the most faithful friends.

This incident occurred in Australia, once a fisherman noticed a German shepherd, which, with all its might, was trying to swim to the shore.

A crate of fishing tackle floated next to the dog, and a wetsuit was visible in the distance. The man helped the dog out and immediately called the Coast Guard.

It was clear that somewhere there was a catastrophe and as a result the boat capsized. At this time, a whole team of rescuers gathered.

The dog washed ashore, but she whined all the time and threw herself into the water.

The search lasted several hours and, fortunately, everything went well and the man was found very soon. He clung to the overturned boat, which was already slowly beginning to sink to the bottom.

The victim said that he lost control of the boat and because of the sudden movement they and the dog were thrown in different directions.

But most of all we were struck by how the dog could swim for so long in search of help for his owner. And the man, in turn, really hoped that everything would be fine with his beloved dog.

It should be noted that this is not the first known case of dogs rescuing them, and this German Shеpherd has joined the ranks of true tailed heroes.

As it turned out later, according to rescuers, the dog swam for 11 hours to help its owner. If it was interesting, please share it with your friends and family !

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