These animals are really gorgeous : their original look will make you smile
Looking at pictures of cats and dogs is such a calming experience. This is a pretty good therapy for stress and problems. We care about your moral health
A man took home two abandoned pit bulls from a shelter, and they later showed him their gratitude
One day the man decided to go to a shelter. There he met two cute pit bulls, which were very small at the time. He really liked them and he decided that
This is Cherchik, a black dog, who was called an ugly, but energetic and kind dog
A dog named Cherchik lived in the house, it was both a yard, inbred, black color, very energetic and kind. He had unique characteristics and leashes.
The mother dog was left at the shelter due to birth complications, which resulted in her losing all 21 puppies
One day, someone left this pregnant dog at the Boone Area Animal Welfare Association the day after she gave birth to her puppies. She had an emergency
The smallest puppy is waiting in the middle of the road for someone to rescue him
In October 2021, Nika Todua and Irina Liklikadze from Georgia were walking along a busy street when they suddenly noticed a small animal on the sidewalk.
Little 10-year-old dog sacrificed his own life to save his owner
This year at the end of May, 10-year-old Yorkshire terrier Spiky sacrificed his own life and saved his beloved owner. When a deadly cobra once appeared
This beautiful creature was thrown into the trash, but fortunately, this woman changed his fate
People threw this beautiful creature into the trash, but fortunately, his fate was changed by a woman who suddenly noticed him. One autumn morning, a woman
This Pomeranian dog was kicked out for being ‘too big’ and looking like a bear
A dоg can be a man’s best friend, but that dоesn’t mean everyone will love it. There will always be those who will be cruel to these animals.
A woman finds a dog on the side of the road that was sitting and waiting for the owners who abandoned him
Adriana Figueroa was walking home from the gym one day through the streets of South Miami. Suddenly her heart broke when she spotted a small brown dog
Mother dog who lost both legs took care of her family
This poor mother dog, who lost both legs, took care of her family, she was a stray dog ​​that did not have two hind legs. Her name was Shio Mona, she was