The loving mother dog can’t stop admiring her newborn puppies whose video immediately went viral all over the internet
These types of dogs are known for their boundless kindness, as well as they are extremely caring mothers who will take care of their babies with perfect
After being rescued, the sweet mum Chihuahua surpassed the world record by giving birth to 11 pups
They saw that Chihuahua was pregnant when rescuers came to the rescue. However, at that time they could not imagine how many there would be.
After bringing the little baby home the man realized that he had found his soulmate for his whole life
This man was walking in the streets when he heard some voice. He stood up and began to look around carefully. It was the day that they will never forget.
The mommy dog has given birth to 18 dalmatians, which shocked everyone with its record number
Of course, we have all heard the story about 101 dDalmatians. This story also seems to be an episode from a real fairy tale. Veterinarians thought that
Husband decided to fill the house with adorable puppies and make unforgettable for his wife
Bryce prepared a wonderful surprise for his wife and decided to make her day unfergettable, by taking her to a house full of puppies. On Christmas Eve
You will absolutely start laughing out loud seeing the first meeting of the daddy and his daughter bulldog
The dog named Toser, as you see hear, has just become a father, but he has not yet met his pup. Here you can see how he meets his daughter.
On their way, the women found a dog whose body was decaying and needed immediate help
Two women were driving along Bali when one of them noticed a dog bent in front of an empty villa. They immediately stopped the car to check on the dog.
This Husky dog has previously torn all his toys, but this one has become his true ‘friend’ which looks like him
Her dream finally came true. A college student from Durհam, Nortհ Carolina, has always dreamed of having a small dog, but she knew it needed a lot of care
A pitbull wandering with an injured head found a home and love in the arms of a police officer
It’s a story about a pitbull dog who was luckily saved by kind hearted people who didn’t left her alone and helpless․ One day The Mount Laurel
Little sweet dog don’t allow the newborn have a photoshoot without his ‘big brother’
Here we are going to tell so heartwarming story about a newborn baby and a cute little puppy. When the baby of the young family was born, Kally Madsen