Mother dog who lost both legs took care of her family


This poor mother dog, who lost both legs, took care of her family, she was a stray dog ​​that did not have two hind legs.

Her name was Shio Mona, she was a model of a real mother, ready for anything to respect her little dogs.

Despite her disability, she always took care of her little babies. She never thought about herself.

The dog was not originally stray, the owner abandoned her on the street when she lost her legs. It turned out that the dog lost its legs due to an accident on the street or got hit by a train.

But her puppies were in good health because she was their mother, very attentive and self-sacrificing. She took it upon herself to take care of her puppies every day.

She took care of them even though she herself had problems. It was very painful to look at her in such a state.

She tried to protect them from danger. Let’s hope that this dog finds a home and a loving owner who wants to take her, take care of her and love her.

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