A woman finds a dog on the side of the road that was sitting and waiting for the owners who abandoned him


Adriana Figueroa was walking home from the gym one day through the streets of South Miami. Suddenly her heart broke when she spotted a small brown dog on the side of the road.

Approaching, she saw that the poor dog was looking into the distance, as if expecting that at any moment the car of his former owner would appear on the horizon.

She thought it was as if they had left him there, and the faithful dog was still waiting for them to return.

Unfortunately, this is not the first time she has encountered abandoned dogs in her area. In South Miami, where Figueroa lived, pets were often left to fend for themselves. That’s why Figueroa started saving people two years ago.

She said she was always on the lookout for abandoned dogs. She always carries dog food in the car and recently put it in a medium sized box.

Figueroa filmed the process of saving the dog. Ms. Figueroa patiently coaxed the puppy into her car for 2 hours.

At first, the suspicious dog, later named Melo, avoided her care and refused to eat. But after about an hour, he began to trust her and his gentle side began to show. He gradually liked being a pet.

Reunited with his owner and discovering that Melo had indeed been abandoned, Mr. Figueroa began trying to find him a permanent home.

Fortunately, the search was not long in coming. Very quickly, someone on his network saw a photo of the dog and asked him to adopt it.

Having settled in his new home, the dog is already enjoying all the comforts that his family can provide, and he is sure that they will never leave him. If it was interesting, please share it with your friends and family !

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