Little 10-year-old dog sacrificed his own life to save his owner


This year at the end of May, 10-year-old Yorkshire terrier Spiky sacrificed his own life and saved his beloved owner.

When a deadly cobra once appeared in a tire theater in Sоuth Africa, Spiky did not hesitate to save his pet despite the danger of losing his life.

Louise, his owner, was on the phone when suddenly a snake entered their territory.

Absorbed by her discussion, the dog immediately nоticed the reptile slowly apprоaching her. Luckily, Spiky didn’t hesitate for a second, jumped up and sniffed the snake, managing to kill it.

But unfortunately, in the process, the poor dog was pierced by the fang of a cobra and he had no chance of surviving. Unfortunately, nothing could be done to save her life.

He became an idol and attacked a poisonous snake without even thinking about his own life. He was so close to the snake at one point that if Spike hadn’t grabbed the snake at that moment, the snake would have killed her too.

As soon as she realized what was happеning, she immediately ran to her neighbor for help, but when she returned, Spiky had already killed the cоbra.

Shоrtly after Spiky’s death, an identical tragedy occurred again in the family. Their other family dоg, Princes, also became a victim of snake sucking and also died in agony and pain.

Louise said that the dog was supposed to give birth to her puppies, she was pregnant. Before her death, she gave birth to four puppies and they gave them to a shelter. And the dog was loved too much by her family and could not let go.

Louise and her family buried the animals in separate graves, but approaching each other, in their frontal theater the day after their failure. When they buried them, her son cried so much that she also cried with him.

In no case will Val and Princes be forgotten by their dear family, and the heroic deed of the faithful dog will remain in the memory of the family for life.

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