The dolphin named Pink has managed to capture everyone’s heart with its gorgeous beauty
It often happens that the animal looks so unusual and unique that it causes a huge stir and captivates everyone’s hearts. This is also the case with
The dolphin brings various items from the ocean as gifts for volunteers and gets fish instead
We are all aware of the good nature of dolphins and we also consider them one of the smartest animals in the world. We have come across many amazing stories
Almost every day the dog goes to port to swim and have fun with his best friend dolphin
It’s just adorable to follow the friendship of two different kinds of animals. They often make so wonderful connections that impress everyone with
An unbearably heartbreaking scene where a mother dolphin can’t be separated from her baby’s body
Օ ne day this man, Michael McCarthny, was canoeing by boat near St.Petersburg, inFlorida, when he noticed something very unusual in front of him.
The kind dolphins, noticing the drowning dog, came and saved his life with in a very unusual way
Our lovely dolphins have always been known for their kind nature and amazing swimming skills. In addition to being adorable creatures, they are also very intelligent.