Scottish woman banned from owning animals for 10 years for irresponsible pet ownership
A 31-year-old Scottish woman named Fiona once received a 10-year pet ban after not feeding or watering her dog. The poor animal was saved by the Scottish
After being saved, a terrified doggie left on the side of the highway melts in a woman’s arms
This small puppy was dumped on the side of a desolate road and had every right to be wary and afraid. The pup’s trust and love impulses, however
This dog hasn’t seen his family in a long time after going blind from diabetes, but watch his reaction when he sees them again
One of the senses that is taken for granted and the most important is vision. How would you explain, for example, the color red to a blind person?
This husky chose her own kitten to take home from a shelter
Little Ravon, a Tamaskan Husky puppy, needed a friend so he could grow up with her. But her owner, Kristin, knew it was impossible for him to simply choose a best friend.
At the end of his tunnel, the mole finds a friendly dog waiting for him
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The pup prefers to entertain the passengers behind him after getting bored on a long flight
The Golden Retriever pup quickly learned what we all understand: aircraft are dull when his mother brought him on his very first flight.
When a puppy that was thrown off a bridge with his mouth taped shut is reconciled with him, he is overwhelmed with thankfulness
Even pets enjoy acts of compassion since they go a long way and are always acknowledged. Bob made the choice one evening to walk rather than drive to his favorite shop.
A woman welcomed three puppies and they grew up like wolves
Toni Litwolf adopted the puppies, saving many of them from death. A woman has a very kind heart, but such a story happens only once in a lifetime.
The little girl thought she was holding her friends puppy on her lap, but it was a surprise for her
10-year-old Char has always dreamed of having a dog. She often helped her mother, Kathy, walk and care for other people’s dogs and simply adored puppies.
A touching reunion of the little owner and his dog, which he has been looking for for 8 months
Every dog owner knows how difficult it is to live without your pet even for a day. Sometimes we go on a trip and we have to leave the house for a while.