At the end of his tunnel, the mole finds a friendly dog waiting for him


Meet Fiona, a White Coated Great Pyrenean Dog. She’s a very sweet and curious dog that lives in San Francisco, California. She and her owner walk almost every day, and she is a sociable dog.

When she walks through Golden Gate Park, the dog is always intrigued by where the holes in the path come from.

When she realized it was the work of the moles, she started waiting there outside to greet them, that made her happy!

According to her owner Fiona, she does this on a regular basis. She always thinks that everyone wants to say hello to her.

And luckily, the moles who know Fiona are just as kind and seem happy to find that she is waiting there. She filmed one of these interactions and posted it to the owner’s Instagram account.

She states that it’s amazing how fluid and beautiful their interactions are.

Despite Fiona’s big size, the little creatures don’t seem to care about her. When they go out and enjoy small moments with the restless dog, they understand their new friend’s interest and good intentions.

She continued that she was hard to get to go and they spend a lot of time hanging around their holes because she is so big! If it was interesting, please share it with your friends and family !

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