A touching reunion of the little owner and his dog, which he has been looking for for 8 months


Every dog owner knows how difficult it is to live without your pet even for a day. Sometimes we go on a trip and we have to leave the house for a while.

When we return, our dog is very happy to see us. But, if one day he gets lost, it will be devastating for everyone.

Especially children are very attached to pets, and sometimes this bond becomes much stronger than the most ordinary human friendship.

One day a little boy named Rocco was riding a horse and suddenly met Jack the dog, who followed him.

Since then, they became friends and lived for 4 years under the same roof. But one day Jack left the house and suddenly disappeared.

The dog was playing in the street and probably got lost there too far and could not find his way back home.

The owners looked for him everywhere, but the dog was nowhere to be found. His whole family was in shock and pain of loss, especially little Rocco.

But, fortunately, after 8 months she was found. The man picked up the dog and when he saw the photo of the lost dog ad, he immediately recognized it and contacted the family.

Looking at them, it’s impossible to hold back the tears… it’s very touching!

For three months, Rocco mourned his dog and, seeing him, was infinitely happy to hug his friend again. If it was interesting, please share it with your friends and family !

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