After being saved, a terrified doggie left on the side of the highway melts in a woman’s arms


This small puppy was dumped on the side of a desolate road and had every right to be wary and afraid.

The pup’s trust and love impulses, however, remained strong throughout her traumatic experience.

Lately, animal savior Georgiana uploaded distressing video of the time she came across a tiny puppy who was abandoned while travelling across Romania.

When she stops the car, the terrified dog rushes in his direction. She questioned whether anyone would genuinely be kind to her after the damage to her dog.

However, as soon as she was taken inside and made safe, her little puppy rapidly bloomed; we are grateful that she felt secure enough to be her sweet self once more.

Here is a video of that incident. She told Dodo, “When I saw her, I realized I had to bring her home.

“Any shattered heart may be healed by unconditional love. In my arms, she felt secure.

It might not be totally evident how the dog ended himself in this perilous situation. However, one thing is obvious.

She has a brighter future than before. “Paula was her name. She engages in a lot of play and remains in my shadow, ” Neagu stated. 11 months and a love bug.”

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