The pup prefers to entertain the passengers behind him after getting bored on a long flight


The Golden Retriever pup quickly learned what we all understand: aircraft are dull when his mother brought him on his very first flight.

When his mother failed to provide him the care and amusement he desired, he became irate and made the decision to discipline her and resolve the situation on his own.

The puppy seems to think that someone else could be prepared to lavish him with affection if his mother wasn’t!

He then moved away from his mother’s side and sat down alongside the guy on the seat in front of them.

According to his mother in an interview with the Dodo, “He stayed 30 minutes on that chair; the guy next to him remarked he was a really pleasant traveller and the guy from across way was snapping pictures with him.”

He discovers his mother had opened a food while he was seated, nevertheless.

In an effort to grab the chips, He shoved his face in between the chairs.

He made the silliest, cutest faces imaginable while sticking his tongue out as far as he could and squishing his nose in between the chairs.

He wasn’t quite able to get their attention, but all of a suddenly he got it; everyone was cracking out at his amazing facial gestures.

He cheerfully amused his compatriots and spent the remainder of the flight making everyone smile.

It seems that travel by airline doesn’t have to be that monotonous after all!

Surely one day all of us will be able to fly with such an adorable passenger.

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