Only 5% can find the criminal! Try now!


The police officer is visible to everyone, but not everyone can identify the hidden criminal in this 18th-century French visual puzzle.

France was a prominent hub for crafting visual puzzles during the 17th to 19th centuries, possibly influenced by the rise of offset printing and the growing popularity of magazines.

Within a magazine from that era, we discovered a unique visual puzzle.

Unlike the conventional ones we present, this puzzle portrays not just one person but two.

The evident figure is the policeman, while the concealed one is the criminal he is pursuing.

Finding the hidden criminal might seem elusive at first glance, as the picture appears ordinary without any apparent second person.

However, to unravel this 18th-century enigma, one must either rotate the image or, at the most extreme, shift their perspective.

The suggestion is to flip the picture along with the building to reveal the concealed character.

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