Solve the riddle: Discover who stole the watermelon!


Can you transform into a detective and catch a thief? Try this visual riddle and let us know if you managed to figure out who the culprit was.

In the image below, four people are represented. Each of them is carrying something very large and round.

However, only one of them is attempting to steal a watermelon.

If you can figure out who it is, you have excellent observational skills.

This kind of visual challenge captivates many internet users.

Logical-deductive reasoning needs to be activated to uncover the culprit, paying attention to the smallest details that suggest the solution to the puzzle.

In your opinion, who is trying to steal the watermelon?

Quizzes and intelligence tests help stimulate the mind and keep the brain young and alert.

Having the ability to quickly solve such a problem is a skill that belongs to few people.

But certainly, challenging oneself with visual puzzles like this helps keep the mind trained.

Returning to the challenge, have you figured out who the watermelon thief is?

Try to give an answer without looking at the final solution and only compare it at the end.

Only one of these four people is trying to take home the large watermelon without being caught, but an unequivocal detail makes him guilty.

What do you think is the detail that suggests the answer to today’s challenge?

If you’ve come this far and want to discover the final solution, look below, and you will understand who the watermelon thief is.

As can be seen from the photo above, where the watermelon is clearly shown instead of the soccer ball, the man is exerting excessive effort. And he is the thief.

Had you realized that the culprit was the man?

Keep practicing and stimulating your mind, so you’ll be better prepared for the next challenge.

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