Optical illusion: find the 3 thieves in 7 seconds, 99% have failed


It’s not one of the most recent challenges in terms of time, as can be easily inferred from the graphics.

This alone indicates how passionate people are about skill games and logic tests.

These puzzles are always relevant. Today, we present the image of a gentleman on horseback that gained popularity decades ago but remains timeless.

The question posed in the quiz is: where are the three thieves hidden in the photo?

You have only 7 seconds to find them. 99% of people who attempted to solve the challenge have failed.

In today’s challenge, you can observe the image of a man from another era riding a horse.

The black and white photo certainly makes solving the test even more challenging.

Add to that the 7 seconds you have, and it becomes even more complicated.

Sharpen your vision, and if you find the three thieves in such a short time, you have a brilliant mind.

Constantly practicing with skill games and visual puzzles will improve your intellectual and problem-solving abilities.

These hobbies are an excellent way to keep the brain young and alert.

It will also increase your thinking agility and problem-solving quality.

The benefits are undoubtedly numerous.

Returning to the challenge image, where are the three thieves hidden?

If the 7 seconds have passed and you haven’t found the solution to the quiz, we’ll reveal it shortly.

However, we recommend continuing to exercise to improve your visual and mental abilities.

As you can see, in the horse’s hooves, circled in red, you can see the faces of the three sought-after thieves.

It wasn’t easy to solve this challenge, but with good training, you’ll certainly be better prepared for the next puzzle.

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