Do you want to discover what will happen to you in love? Choose a window, and you’ll find out!


Love, as we know, is the engine of the world! We all would like to know how much love we will have in our lives or how soon we will be struck by Cupid’s arrow.

Unfortunately, we cannot predict the future or know exactly what events will unfold, but we can learn to know ourselves better.

Psychological tests help us in this endeavor by making characteristics of ourselves evident that we often don’t pay attention to.

And maybe we learn to face different love relationships with the awareness of who we are and what kind of person we want by our side.

With today’s test, we can better understand our deepest selves and navigate with more confidence towards a happy and fulfilling love, whether we are single or already in a more serious relationship.

This simple psychological game can be done alone or with our friends or with our partner, to see if the results match!

The test takes a few seconds, and the image must be chosen following the first impulse without wasting time on complex or too rational logical reasoning.

The images have different colors, shapes, and proportions that gather in them the deep meaning of our personality.

At first glance, the windows may seem trivial, but by observing them better, our brain will be drawn to one rather than another for some deep reason that will reveal how we are in love.

If you chose window number 1, it means in your recent past you needed a break in love but you are finally ready to open up to new adventures.

Window number 2 indicates that confusion and insecurities reside in your heart, but the good news is that this awareness will help you better face what awaits you in the near future.

Window 3 reveals that you are ready to smile after a recent period of difficulty.

The moon in the image is calm and full of energy, watching over your future choices that surely involve serene and happy love.

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