Test your attention: Find the differences between two images


A visual test is a fun way to exercise our attention to detail and challenge our observational skills.

In this article, we present you with a fascinating visual test where you’ll need to spot the differences between two seemingly identical images.

Get ready to focus and uncover the subtle discrepancies hidden between these two visual scans!

The two images in question depict a man lying in bed and reading a morning newspaper.

The protagonist is dressed in green pajamas and is still under the covers.

In both images, the man appears to be deeply engrossed in reading the newspaper.

However, despite the similarities, there are several differences between the two images that require your attention and careful observation.

Now is the time to put your skills to the test!

Take a close look at the picture and try to figure out the differences with the second one.

Initially, they may seem identical, but they are not.

Let’s start with the first difference that catches the eye. In the second image, on the nightstand next to the bed, there is a steaming cup of coffee.

This detail is missing in the first image. The second difference: the lamp.

In the first image, the lamp behind the man is turned on.

The third difference involves a bookshelf. In the first image, the bookshelf is closed, while in the second image, it is open.

Then, observe the painting on the wall with care. In the first image, the painting is not present.

The fifth difference is hidden on the bedspread. In the second image, an open book is placed, while in the first image, there is no book.

Furthermore, if you paid attention to the details, you may have noticed that the newspaper the man is reading is drawn differently in the two images.

If you compare the two covers closely, you’ll see that the images and headlines are different.

Finally, you will notice that the man’s mouth in the second image is closed.

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