Visual challenge: Find the ghost among the guests in less than 10 seconds!


Sharpen your wit and solve today’s fun visual challenge in less than 10 seconds.

In the image we present today, a scene unfolds with various guests in a room.

However, among them hides a ghost. One of them is not a flesh-and-blood person at all.

Who could it be? If you can find the solution within the time limit, you’re true geniuses.

Observe the image very carefully and try to identify who among the guests is actually a ghost.

You need to uncover that detail that will be crucial to solving today’s puzzle.

Showcase your logical and deductive abilities by stimulating your mind.

A good intellectual exercise will keep your brain alert and responsive.

In fact, to solve this type of game, your visual and mental acuity will be crucial.

If you consistently train daily, your skills are undoubtedly well-developed.

Don’t be immediately discouraged if finding the ghost seems difficult.

We assure you it is present among them.

So, you just need to maintain high concentration and try to identify that particular detail useful for solving the game.

You can also involve the little ones who will surely enjoy searching with you.

However, you must find the solution to the test within the time limit of 10 seconds.

If you exceed it, the test will no longer be valid. Have you figured out who it is?

If you still haven’t managed to spot the ghost, we’ll show you the solution to today’s test below.

The answer is circled in red.

The ghost is the girl at the back with the lilac dress, and the reason is straightforward: she doesn’t have legs.

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