If you find the 2 mice hidden in this optical illusion, your IQ is above average


So, if you love constantly challenging yourself and testing your mental skills, this visual test is just right for you!

These days, these tests are popular because it’s an easy hobby to do anywhere and perfect for filling downtime.

We regularly publish content of this kind, so get ready for today’s test: find the most mice in the image. Do you feel up to it?

Find as many mice as possible in this image.

Well, there’s just one rule to meet this challenge: complete it in six seconds, no more, no less.

Just to spice up the game, feel free to set a timer on your smartphone, with an alarm that will signal the end of the allotted time.

Ready? Then start this timer, and… let’s go!

Solution to the visual challenge:

Maybe you succeeded, or maybe not…

If you want to know the answer or check your result, here’s the solution:

As you can see, these mice are not really hidden or difficult to find.

But that’s precisely the trick: due to the simplicity of the test, we tend to look for more, when in reality… it’s quite simple!

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