Let’s see how quickly you can find the two hidden numbers 383! Time yourself and let me know when you spot them


Optical illusions employ a method to mislead the brain into perceiving something present when it might not be.

The human brain constructs images based on anticipated events, and the data can be a bit perplexing at times.

Today, we present another challenging hidden Number 383 optical illusion, designed to stimulate razor-sharp minds for an additional IQ boost.

For those who haven’t attempted such optical illusions before, try solving this one to assess your mental capabilities.

Now, let’s raise the stakes and make this challenge more intriguing.

Let’s see how quickly you can find the hidden Number 383.

How many of you can spot it in less than 10 seconds? Don’t worry; we’ll provide some clues.

But before that, let’s give a chance to all the astute thinkers.

Now, take a closer look at the image below. Are you getting any ideas? Come on, you’ve got this.

And your time starts now. Come on, don’t lose your attention.

Concentrate—yes, yes, that’s it, you’ve got this. Take a deeper look at the image.

Time’s running; come on quick, you’re losing time… 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, and stop.

Well done, you’ve got this right—congratulations.

For the rest who didn’t get it, let’s head to the next step.

Now, for those of you needing a little help, don’t worry.

Let’s try this again with a bit of a clue. Now, take a look at the area belonging to the heart of the image. Do you get it?

Yes, that’s right, that’s where the hidden Number 383 is.

Now, let’s check out the answer.

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