Mireille Mathieu is 76 years old: how the singer lives now, the secret of her youth


Now Mireille is 77 years old, lives alone in her own house, looks great and sometimes gives interviews.

The Frenchwoman revealed the secret of her beauty.

Young years

The future singer Mireille Mathieu was born in July 1946. She had 13 brothers and sisters. Since the girl was the eldest among the children, had to help a lot in the household, and work.

The singer does not hide the fact that at school she was a double-major, but this is not because of ability, but because of the first teacher.

Mireille was left-handed. When the girl took a pen in her left hand, the teacher beat her on this hand to thus accustom the girl to write with her right. But all this led to the fact that the young schoolgirl began to stutter when reading.

Soon found herself on the back desks, on Kamchatka. And eventually she stopped listening to her teacher. But it all left a mark.

As a result, at the age of 13, Mireille Mathieu left school and went to work in a factory, where she made envelopes. The family lived very poor, so the additional income was not superfluous. And when the eighth child appeared in the family, the family finally gave an apartment, which consisted of four rooms.

Talent passed to Mireille Mathieu from her father. He was gifted with the voice of an opera singer and often musized at home.

Mireille sang in a duet with her father, in the church choir. And her first public performance in 1965 caused a furor. Producers signed a contract with the girl’s father. From that day she began to study professional singing.

How Mireille Mathieu lives now

In the fall of 2022, the singer went on an International Jubilee Tour. She also visited Russia, where she gave several concerts. In particular, she performed in St. Petersburg, in the Oktyabrsky concert hall. This event took place in November 2022.

Next, the singer was scheduled to participate in the Moscow festival Spasskaya Tower, but because of all the well-known events in connection with Ukraine, the singer refused to attend this event.

However, she confesses that she loves Ukrainian and Russian people and that Russia is as dear to her as before. The star calls for negotiations between the presidents of the two countries, says that the word war should be taken out of the dictionary.

Personal life

Mireille Mathieu was going to marry twice. The first time, in the 80s. She had an affair with a very rich famous businessman. In 1983, the chosen one proposed to her. But he didn’t want Mathieu to continue singing. Because now she will be well off and family comes first.

But Mireille left her fiancé less than a week before the wedding.

The second chosen one, who was with Guerlain Olivier Eshodmezon, a legendary beautician, the singer abandoned when she had already ordered a wedding dress.

There were rumors that she had an affair with Alain Delaunon, and something connected with Charlie Chaplin himself.

But the singer does not give candid interviews. She says, “as for my personal life – I do not talk about it.”

Where now lives Mireille Mathieu, the house of the singer

For many years, the celebrity lived together with her sister in her house.

Now she also prefers a secluded lifestyle.

The singer talks openly about her habits, why she looks so beautiful and why she never changes her hair.

Mireille said: “I never tan, I stay out of direct sunlight, I don’t drink alcohol, I never smoke. I only use organic products.”

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