Find the hidden ‘C’ in 9 seconds with this IQ test challenge


Try to get to the concealed “C” in this brainteaser within the cluster of “0”s in the image.

The secret ‘C’ can only be found in 9 seconds, and only intelligent individuals can do it!

You must uncover the letter “C” that has been tucked away within the number “0” in this brainteaser.

‘0’ appears in 28 columns and 10 rows.

You have nine seconds to swiftly scan every row and every column in order to identify the concealed “C.”

The ‘C’ that isn’t visible has been noted in the image below for your convenience.

The hidden C is thus located in the 8th row and 27th column, which is the answer to this mental puzzle.

Based on the choice you make when considering the challenge, this brainteaser will assist in assessing your degree of intellect.

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