Mind-boggling challenge: see if you can spot the pipe that fills the bucket! Only for the sharpest minds out there!


You must locate the pipe that is filling the bucket in the above image.

Four distinct pipes are seen connected to four distinct taps in the illustration.

Can you identify the pipe that is filling the bucket with water after looking at the complex variety of pipes?

All you had to do to solve this brain teaser was to focus on the pipes through which the water is flowing. Let’s examine each one individually:

Pipe A: Little leak at the bucket.

Water is poured into the bucket with Pipe B.

Pipe C: The second-to-last is leaking outside the container.

Pipe D: The final one was outside the bucket.

The 2nd pipe is filling the water bucket, hence Pipe B is the solution to the riddle.

Every other one is currently dripping outside the container.

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