A police officer chooses to make a life change after saving a little girl from an abusive family


It is essential to save children from abusive and unhealthy families.

Because of this, government and social services should play a bigger role.

An Arizona state police officer was deeply moved by the tale of a little girl he helped and made the decision to offer her a brand-new life free from violence.

Agent Brian Zach of Kingman, Arizona, was called in for a house check three and a half years ago.

The moment Brian saw Kaila, who is now four, there, he realized something wasn’t right.

“When I got there, I saw that her wounds were unquestionably the result of attacks, and they needed to be looked into.

I looked after her and returned her to the station. There was a camaraderie when we watched Wreck It Ralph, Brian said.

Kaila had suffered severe wounds. It had happened before. Brian, a father of two adolescents, was unable to bounce back from the incident.

That evening, when I arrived home, I told my wife about the adorable young child we had seen and how I simply wanted to bring her home.

Kaila needed a foster family, and the Zach family offered right away.

Days stretched became weeks, weeks into months, and months into years.

In August 2020, the family was finally able to adopt Kaila legally!

“We have a new member of our family who is an official part of 2020, and that is the finest thing about it.

It served as my early Christmas gift. The young girl is now surrounded by love and care and is living her most contented life.

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