The man in a wheelchair was able to turn an empty building into his dreaming home


This strong-willed brave man who built his house despite odd circumstances is someone you should get to know.

He is only able to move about in a wheelchair, but he has never given up on the idea of building and living in his own home.

He made efforts and located a job that required enough effort for a person with a disability.

Thank goodness, the man had the chance to purchase an abandoned building for $10,000.

It was formerly a shop that was situated in the Koptiaki settlement.

Thus, a crippled guy almost realized his ambition after acquiring a property close to Belarus’s capital.

The difficult part, though, awaited! The 85 square meter old space was his in 2011.

It’s therefore surprising how someone like him could transform a run-down building into a comfortable home.

He made the decision to relocate there permanently with his family.

He was certain that he could overcome obstacles while creating them on his own, even if his family and friends didn’t think he would be able to.

So, as soon as the paperwork was prepared, he got to work on his idea.

His family members and professional contractors might help him create the house of his dreams.

They moved into their new home to begin a happy life as soon as the last house was almost finished.

Thus, the regular inhabitant in the wheelchair has achieved his goal.

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