See how this adorable baby now looks six years after being born with a birthmark on his face that resembles a heart


In this endearing tale, a child who was born with a unique mark to demonstrate his connection to love is the main character.

His father even attempted to remove it on his birthday, thinking it was just dirt, not realizing that it was a birthmark.

Everyone in the hospital was therefore in awe of the infant boy’s distinctive mark.

Chinar is the name of the child, who is now six years old.

He developed into a beloved and well-liked young man for everyone.

His heart-shaped scar grew in size over time.

Today, he is so well-known that when locals see him, they immediately want to take his picture.

When he was born, the medical professionals anticipated that the spot would go away when he turned 6.

He is already six years old, but the mark makes him even cuter and more unique.

In addition, neither he nor his family, not even close friends, can envision him without the magnificent heart on his forehead.

Like a landmark and an integral element of his attractive appearance.

In addition, Chinar is a kind-hearted and attractive young man who has wonderful manners and is an honest person.

He represents both his class and the pride of his family.

He constantly lends a hand to the other youngsters and hopes that everyone will live in a nice and equitable society.

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