A fisherman stored a pearl worth $100 million at home, unaware of its true worth


Some individuals don’t realize how wealthy they are. Some people are lucky enough to inherit expensive artwork.

Others have a book in their collection that was released in a limited edition roughly 50 years ago and is highly prized among collectors.

It’s simple to envision a tale like this, but we’re going to share with you one that is really unusual about how a small-time fisherman who had the biggest pearl never became wealthy.

A Filipino fisherman took refuge in a rock fissure close to the island of Palawan in 2006 after becoming stranded in strong weather.

The man made the decision to continue sailing when the wind calmed down, but he was unable to free his boat’s anchor.

The man jumped in and discovered a massive mollusc inside of which was a big pearl.

The name of the pearl he discovered was Puerto Princess.

The fisherman brought his prize home and stored it beneath his mattress.

The guy had to find a new roof over his head when the hut burnt down in 2016. He brought the pearl to the closest tourism office so he wouldn’t have to carry it around.

The employees were in awe. After weighing it, they discovered that the pearl, which measured 66 cm in length and 30 cm in breadth, weighted 34 kg!

This was unquestionably the largest pearl at the time!

According to experts, the price tag for this behemoth would be at least $100 million, which is unheard of for the majority of people on Earth but would be amazing for a Filipino fisherman.

But the fisherman never became wealthy. His discovery was acknowledged as national ownership, and a museum was established to house it for public inspection.

Without asking for payment, the “fortunate fisherman” was thanked. The biggest pearl to date, named after the city of “Puerto Princesa,” was discovered.

Any visitor to the island of Palawan is welcome to gaze upon it.

Despite the fact that the fisherman who captured such a priceless “catch” did not get anything, his name will be included into the Guinness Book of World Records!

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