Florida teacher claims she was fired for giving zeros to those who failed to turn in their assignments


At a school in Port St. Lucie, history will be taught to 8th pupils by veteran educator.

She assigned a brand-new assignment to her students during the trial time, with two weeks to finish it.

A few pupils had no material to submit when the due day came. The “no zero” marking system at the school was something Diane only later became aware of.

The pupil and parental manual, according to her, states in bold red font, “NO ZEROS – LOWEST POSSIBLE GRADE IS 50%.”

She went to talk with the administration, hesitant and confused.

She claims that she was informed that teachers should award all pupils fifty percent of the grade, even if they submitted no work.

The proposal was opposed by Diane, who argued that “a grade in Tirado’s class is deserved.”

Soon after, she was terminated, but as she was still on probation, no particular justification for the firing was offered.

Diane thinks that her firing was a result of her strict grading.

Before leaving for good, she wrote a note to her pupils on the whiteboard while she was closing up her classroom after school: “Mrs. Tirado loves you and wants you the best of luck in life, bye children!

I was let go because I wouldn’t give you a 50% if you didn’t turn anything in. Madame Tirado”

Numerous pupils expressed their admiration for their retired teachers, and her remark on the whiteboard was distributed hundreds of moments.

The institution itself issued a statement.

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