Priest has cutest reaction after unexpected visitor interrupts church service


Recently, owner José Heraldo Sobreira was officiating Mass at the Señora das Dores church in Brazil when a suddenly surprised visitor with a wagging tail crashed into the church and thought of a break.

Instead of trying to drive the dog out of there, the priest Sobreira decided that he should play with him and pet him.

He was very pleased and happy with the presence of the dog, he hugged him and caressed him, and the dog began to lick his hands and feet.

Sobreira said that every day he understands that animals have come into this world to teach us all what pure and true love is and that all people should spread it everywhere.

The post was quickly posted on social networks and quickly gained a lot of views and likes. Netizens loved how the dog tried to lick his feet in church and play with him.

After that, they all began to congratulate the priest Sobreira for the way he treated the “four-legged angel.” In the comments, many wrote that they really liked the puppy’s cute gesture!

Although it is not known where this charming dog came from, this visit seemed to everyone to be something divine and charming. For us, they are real earthly angels who unconditionally love their owners.

They never want anything in return for their love and love us more than themselves. God made them to teach us about true love and how to be good people.

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