A shark was caught by sailors, who quickly released it since it appeared to have another creature’s head


The shark was brought on deck by the Italian sailors who had drawn the nets.

The majority of the crew asked to release the creature back into the ocean within the following minute because the shark’s head appeared to be from another species.

Near the little island of Elba, fishermen were successful in catching a bizarre species.

The fact that the shark was almost captured at the dock startled the sailors as well because predators often stay farther inland.

The thing looked like a shark that is far too fat.

The fishermen were forced to release their catch because of its visage, which resembled a pig’s head.

Many people believed they were dealing with an odd mutation.

The sailors were able to get a few images, which they then shown to the local aquarium employees.

He recognized the issue right away. The fisherman really caught a very uncommon fish, not a mutant, as it proved out.

The Oxynotus centrina is this. Centrins spent their whole lives at a depth of 700-800 meters, therefore it is unclear how it came into shallow water, according to Mario Bertolucci, an aquarium employee.

The Red Book contains a list of common centrins. The fishermen were fortunate to be able to return their catch to the water.

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