Cop stops mom for shoplifting groceries but changes his opinion after seeing three adopted children who are starving


Lately, the personnel of a Food Lion supermarket shop in North Carolina called the authorities, and two officers came to the scene.

Items had been witnessed being stolen from the business by a lady.

When Officer 1st Class Candice Spragns and Senior Sergeant Keith  arrived at the perpetrator’s house, they weren’t prepared for what would occur following.

The woman, a mom of 3 adopted kids, gave back the groceries she had taken, valued at $36, after being caught.

She confessed and cried after that. She continued by sharing an agonizing tale.

They also came to the conclusion that this was not a crime done out of avarice when they examined her refrigerator and freezer.

The mom had to be accused of stealing by Bradshaw and Spragins in court.

She didn’t anticipate what they did next, though, after that. You would not want to skip what happened next.

They returned to the supermarket.  Check out the full story in the video above.

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