The bald rabbit saved from euthanasia became a social media star


This unique rabbit named Bigglesworth knows full well that he is special.

Initially, fate did not prepare anything good for him, the owner of a rare mutation was waiting for death, if not from hunger, then from the cold.

He had no heating wool at all, so the rabbit breeder decided to get rid of it because he thought that no one would want it.

Both parents of the rabbit had a recessive coat growth gene, which he fully manifested.

Most of these animals die very quickly, there is no cure and you can only alleviate the fate of the animal.

Has a high metabolism. Due to his condition, he eats more than a normal rabbit, but is otherwise in excellent health.

But Bigglesworth the rabbit was lucky because he ended up in caring hands. His skin is creamed every day, he is fed only fresh herbs, and he has a healthy appetite.

He calmly moves around the house, but does not leave it so as not to freeze.

The hairless rabbit already has many friends – dogs, cats and other rabbits that keep him warm.

They have already taught him everything. For example, that you can not gnaw on wires and climb on the table.

In addition, the hostess made him a lot of funny clothes and socks so that he would not suddenly freeze.

The woman loves her rabbit very much, despite its unusual appearance. If it was interesting, please share it with your friends and family !

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