This caring veterinarian took a nap in a kennel with a dog burned in a fire


This is a dog named Taka, who was almost completely burned out in a fire. He was in the hallway all the time when a sudden fire broke out, and at that time family members were unable to come and pull him out.

Although they abandoned the dog and ran away, he continued to fight for his life and somehow get out of there.

In the end, having received many burns, he got out of the fire and ran down the street. He needed an emergency ambulance and luckily he was spotted and taken to the vet immediately.

According to the veterinarian, the animal had severe burns around the eyes, mouth, ears and even the stomach.

Taka soon had to transfer to the University of Georgia. For him it was a difficult test, but he still withstood it and continued to fight.

He screamed at the entire hospital in pain and suffering. But the doctors did everything to save him. Martin informed the dog’s family of his condition and said he would need treatment after the operation.

Since the dog was still weak, the doctor remained by her side all the time. She thought a lot about Taka and was worried about his condition, looked after him. She decided to stay with the dog until she fully recovered.

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