The sweet cat started ”dancing and talking” to the visitors wanting to attract their attention


The cat has found a great way to attract attention by dancing for visitors.

He is the most sociable kitty we have ever met, who even seems to try to talk to people who visit the shelter.

He wants not to be such a visitor who will pass by him indifferently. Everyone should notice him.

This sweet black and white cat has gained quite a reputation.

4-year-old Moxie is a beautiful kitten with a tendency to mischief. He likes to spend his free time watching birds.

It is one of the sweet cat’s favorite pastimes. He also likes to sneak into any place.

Since May, when Moxie arrived at the shelter, he has been eagerly awaiting his furever home.

Therefore, he immediately found a solution to solve this issue quickly.

He did things in such a way that he attracted everyone’s attention and in a short time he became everyone’s favorite.

Even when no one is looking at him, he’ll start meowing until he gets their attention.

Moxie can achieve anything he wants which is a great character trait.

He does not know what it means to surrender.

His famous dance has managed to win everyone’s hearts.

He starts to wave faster and faster so that more people notice him and approach him.

Moxie continues to dance and win everyone’s hearts a nd hopes that one day he will find his forever home and is looking forward to that day.

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