Thanks to the sweetest smile ever the adorable doggo has found an amazing home


Chichi was wandering the streets of Texas when she was spotted and taken to a nearby shelter.

She was only 2 years old at that time. They received her with great love and decided to find a permanent home for her.

Everyone loved her from the beginning because she was such an adorable puppy.

The staff assumed that the puppy would have a hard time adjusting to the new environment and would be afraid of strangers, but it was actually the opposite and it didn’t take long Chichi Cheech showed her sweet personality.

She immediately proved everyone that they were wrong.

Chichi had the most adorable smile in the shelter and was ready to win anyone’s heart.

Every employee immediately fell in love with the sweet puppy.

She is the friendliest creature the shelter staff have ever met.

They decided to publish sweet photos of the dog on their Facebook page and were convinced that it would help her find her forever home even faster.

Images of Chichi’s gorgeous smile went viral all over the internet. , Everyone was fascinated by her.

Everyone was so happy for he. She found the way to her bright future on her own.

They soon found the ideal ”candidate” for the baby. That woman had recently lost her puppy because of cancer.

It was just a wonderful and warm meeting, which filled their hearts with love and joy.

The only thing Chichi needed was a warm family and she is definitely enjoying it already.

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