The sweet dog gave the best reaction after seeing his parents get engaged


Have you heard of the sweetest dog in the world, Sonny, who just adores her owners.

Madison and Jack are definitely lucky to have such a wonderful dog.

The trio always shares many many happy memories that they had spent together.

But as it became clear, the best is yet to come.

A few days ago, they decided to visit the beach and then it turned out that Jack had prepared a surprise for Madison. Sonny was also with them, of course.

“It was the most emotional moment of my life when I saw Jack on his knee,” Madison shared her impressions.

But it turns out Madison wasn’t the only one who was excited and very happy.

Sonny, witnessing all of this, was so excited that she simply had the best reaction.

Their sweet dog made that day even more special.

Madison started crying with joy, and then when they saw Sonny’s reaction, they started laughing out loud.

It seems that it was exactly what a person needs to be happy.

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